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Ordinary Lady ----- I'm not sure what I would like to do when I'm older. I might want to travel and see the world. That would be quite fun.
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Luke in snapback [black] [beanie]

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Long Way Home by 5 Seconds Of Summer (Lyrics) @5SOS 5sos-official

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5SOS are nominated in the following categories:

  • Best Pop
  • Best New
  • Best Push
  • Best Australian Act
  • Biggest Fans (voting is by tweeting the hashtag #EMABiggestFans5SOS)

Voting is open now HERE.

In the end, listening to 5 Seconds Of Summer on album just doesn’t do them the same justice as seeing them live. On record, they’re a little too polished, but live they’re gritty and dirty and just a whole lot of freaking fun. They let the performance take them away and they push their tempos and their volumes to the brink right up to that breaking point and it is a total treat to see live. 5SOS have proven themselves to be a seriously big deal, and everyone should give them a chance. If you don’t, you’ll be depriving yourself of one helluva time.
Emma Garland, ATP (x)


4/? Sketches of My Pretend Boyfriends.

I lost the brush I used for the last three, so here it is, kinda different unlike the rest of them. But he still look so fine~

Calum’s - Ashton’s - Michael’s

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if he was a girl and she was a boy you’d be infuriated.

I’m so FUCKING disgusted

I see you all preach about you know girls dealing with guys over sexualizing them and grabbing their asses with out permission and how horrible it is.

Yet you turn around and praise her for doing something like this.

Fucking disgusting.

That’s his body. if you don’t fucking have permission to touch it you fucking shouldn’t.


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Luke Hemming’s adorable laugh +

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Reasons why i love Ashton Irwin

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